Every person's home is expensive. To build a house, you need to buy land, build up the house with bricks, and then add your livings and love to make it a happy home. The home is the only place where more than 99% of your family memories build, it’s the place where every family member’s heart resides. So as the home does so much for you, you should also give it the best protection you can i.e. home insurance.

Whether your house gets destroyed by a natural calamity or else thieves steal your house etc., home insurance is the policy that can cover all your financial loss. Home Insurance can give protection to structure or home belongings or both as per your insurance plan. Simply buying a dream house isn’t fair enough to be happy; you get an additional duty for its maintenance in an unfavorable event.

Home is where love resides, memories are created, friends always belong, and laughter never ends.


Home insurance is a policy began by few companies keeping in mind the financial problems people face due to a mishapping. It is basically a property insurance policy that will personally help you to build up your home again in an accident. These policies cover insurance of your home, even rented homes and apartments, all your personal belongings from burglary/ theft/ flood/ natural calamity/ fire, etc.

People spend a lot of money on buying a house and in case if you face any calamity, your whole house can be destroyed and making up the whole home again is not a thing of everyone’s pocket. It requires all your life savings for buying land, building up a home with bricks till you add all your household necessities. Thus, home insurance is a policy that will pay for building your house again if it gets destroyed due to some disaster.


One of the main causes for taking up home insurance is natural calamities. Natural calamities are more often uncertain and uninvited. These calamities can damage the whole of your house within seconds. And the truth is that even a single disaster can bring was all your savings to repair your house. Earthquakes, floods, and cyclones are very often seen in many parts of the country which makes it very important for you to get home insurance. Although it is not mandatory for anyone to buy home insurance but yet everyone must understand its relevance. Secondly, only natural calamities are not the reason, your house can catch fire any time, burglary/theft can happen anytime when the home is empty. These reasons are enough for someone to provoke them to buy a home insurance plan.


  • PROTECTION OF HOME TO HOME ITEMS: Home insurance plans most commonly pay attention to the structural damage due to earthquake, fire, thunder, etc., but now home insurance plans have started considering a more flexible plan i.e. they also consider expensive jewelry, furniture, and electronics all at an additional premium amount.
  • EXPENSES DUE TO NATURAL CALAMITIES: Natural calamities are always uncertain and uninvited, and whenever earthquakes, floods, etc. occur, they cause heavy damage to humankind and property. These home insurances can cover up your loss by giving you lump sum money so that you can again stand up your house like before.
  • BURGLARY/ THEFT PROBLEMS: The cases of burglary/ theft are very often in all parts of the world, thus as per new home insurance plans, if you face theft and such happening where you lose expensive jewelry or electronic item, you can easily cover them by these insurance plans.


  • THE COVERAGE AMOUNT: Every premium amount in a home insurance plan is calculated very precisely as per the current value of your property. However, there is a direct proportionality rule under home insurance that the higher the sum insured or coverage the higher will be the premium amount and vice versa. The only thing you need to remember at the time of taking the home insurance plan is that the sum which will be insured will depend upon the current rate of your house.
  • LOCATION OF YOUR HOUSE: The location is very crucial for your property value. This affects your premium amount as per the location of your house. If your house is in a low- lying area, then the chances of flood risks are. Thus, the premium amount will be a bit higher for you. Thus, for the premium amount, residence plays a crucial role.
  • Deductibles: A compulsory amount that one needs to pay whenever there is a claim is referred to as Deductibles. As per the home insurance policy, deductibles if included in your home insurance policy then the premium amount will depend upon deductibles percentage. There is an inverse relationship between deductible and premium i.e. higher the deductible amount you take, the lower will be the premium amount and vice versa.
  • THE VALUE OF CONTENT: Many house insurance policies include the feature to give insurance for expensive jewelry, electronics, and furniture. If your house contains a good number of expensive furniture, jewelry, or electronics then the premium amount will get a bit higher.
  • Security measures: The premium amount in home insurance also relies on the security of your house. There is an indirect proportionality in this i.e. more the security measures the less will be the premium amount.