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₹0 fees, brokerage, or commission

Commissions on regular mutual funds can be up to 1% to 1.5% compounded every year. Buy direct funds on Invvex, free .

Why invest with Invvex

No fees & zero commission

Direct mutual funds do not have fees, brokerage, or commissions.

Portfolio Rebalancing

Realigning the securities weights in a portfolio to maintain the target asset allocation and risk profile.

Instaswitch - Move from regular to direct funds

Change your regular funds to direct funds in a few clicks and save on commissions.

Why Mutual Funds?

Mutual Funds offer various avenues to fulfill different objectives, which investors can choose from based on one’s unique situation and objective.

A Diversified Portfolio

Mutual funds invest across asset classes and shares of several companies, thereby providing you with the benefit of diversification

No Commission, No Fee

Invvex offers zero commission trading, and therefore you pay no commissions to buy or sell mutual funds.

Investment Handled by Experts

Fund Managers are professionals who have an excellent track record of managing investment portfolios, and they are backed by team of analysts and experts.

High Liquidity

Most mutual funds come with no lock-in period, it provides investors with a high degree of liquidity. Fund house would credit your money to your bank account in just 3-7 business days.

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Complete digital KYC by providing email address, mobile number and your verify email and mobile with OTP.

Provide PAN, basic additional information and nominee details.

Provide bank details and upload cancelled cheque leaf.

Download the form and sign it, scan/take photo and upload signed form.

Start growing your money by investing.

Find out if your investments are on track

Link your financial accounts, we’ll give you insights into your portfolio such as sector exposure, return potential, fund Segmentation.

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