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Invvex is the only app you need to track all your investment.

Smart Dashboard

Dashboard to carefully track all your global investments. An exploratory dashboard conveys a lively sense of the total investment gain, asset allocations, recent transactions, and goal summary.


Portfolio Summary Report, Capital Gain/Loss Report, Dividend Report, Portfolio Performance, SIP/STP Report, Transaction Report

Scheme Research

Fund Summary, Scheme Profile, Volatility Measures, Holdings, Trailing Returns, Peer Comparison, Rolling Return Comparison

Investment Calculators

An investment calculator can help you figure out how to meet your ultimate goals. Typically, depending on your initial investments, desired frequency of valuable contributions, and future inflation rate, can all affect how your money grows.

Safety & Data Protection

We undoubtedly take protected privacy seriously. Bank-level security properly protects your sensitive personal details and typically prevents unauthorized access & use of your valuable information.

Realtime Transactions

No waiting at all! Our leading platform instantly gives you the secure facility to carefully track all your valuable investments and possible redemptions on a real-time basis.

0% Commission. Miraculously save thousands!

Zero commission, smart advisory services, and dedicated financial experts. We don’t earn commission on your completed Mutual Funds transaction. Start investing wisely without typically paying an independent commission.

Undoubtedly increase 1% to 1.5% return on your valuable investment.

No Conflict of Interest

Direct mutual funds are offered by the fund house or AMC.

Achieve more with Financial Goal-based Investment

Goal-based investing answers how much to properly invest, where to invest wisely, and how long to invest. You are positively assured that all your key objectives would be easily met without any financial difficulties or stress.

Accurately identify your key goals.

Calculate how much you can carefully save and invest wisely.

Carefully choose the right investment product.

Strategically plan your family’s financial future.

Instantly get a free lifetime application to efficiently manage your and your family's financial portfolio.

You can optionally add your family member accounts under you. This typically means that you can efficiently manage, view, and track the entire portfolio investment of your family.

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